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The longevity of our firm along with its family heritage gives us a great sense of community.  Therefore, we actively forge links with those who reside in the Cotswolds to support their special causes. We very are proud of our contributions to the local community and everyone at Kendall and Davies is delighted that so many have benefited from our work.

Kate’s Home Nursing

Kate’s Home Nursing is the primary charity that we support. It is a nursing charity that provides care and brings dignity to those in the final days of their life. The charity offers care to the terminally ill in their own homes.

The aim of the charity is “to provide palliative nursing care to achieve the best quality of life for patients who have decided that they wish to die at home”.

Churches, Charitable Trusts and Almshouses

We regularly support local churches, charitable trusts and almshouses through donations and pro bono work.

Schools and the younger generation

We give donations and prizes to local schools and playgroups.